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Travel A Ease revolution in India where customers could easily have an  cab at their doorstep with a single call. This goes way back in time when the yellow plate taxis largely our city roads.

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My Story

Story of 'Travel A Ease'

Travel A Ease journey began in 2010, when its founder, Mr. Mahesh Kumar established a Staff Transportation business under the name ‘ Travel A Ease ‘with a single taxi  with local Uttarakhand. What started out as a humble beginning was soon to revolutionize mobility in India. 

Shaping the Travel A Ease

India for the very first time was enabled to hire taxis over the phone! History was made, and so, the first fleet of the nation’s modern Taxi Cabs headed out to conquer the ride hailing market in India from bustling streets of Uttarakhand. 

Travel A Ease pioneered ‘ride-hailing’ services in the country. It became an iconic brand that was the talk-of-the-town and soon expanded its services to the top 4 cities of India with a fleet of 10 taxis. Travel A Ease was an instant hit! By 2014, it became an iconic brand that was the talk-of-the-town and soon expanded its services to the top 4 cities of India with 50 a fleet of  taxis by 2014. Constantly innovating and expanding its horizons, Travel A Ease stepped into the vast ocean of ‘online booking’ through Web browsers and Mobile Apps. During this time, Travel A Ease was entitled as one of the Top Emerging Brands in Uttarakhand.

Having served over thousands of customers over time, we are one of India’s most trusted cab service providers offering an array of services to individuals and large corporate across India. Today, Travel A Ease continues to innovate, transform and rise as a Hero group .

Travel A Ease for Personal Rides

Apart from providing car rentals, local city and intercity rides, Travel A Ease also maintains a long-standing relationship with the  major airports of India and has been their official airport cab service provider for over a decade. For weekend getaways, business outings, and so on, ‘Travel A Ease Outstation’ has been established recently and currently covers over 1000+ destinations across 100 cities.

Travel A Ease for Business

Travel A Ease is a one-stop solution to business travel that manages the end-to-end mobility of resources in a structured and reliable, tech-driven environment.

Travel A Ease also allows businesses to remotely manage and control both individual and team travel with a smart, smooth and cost-effective travel management system that can be customized to accommodate the unique travel needs of any organization. Its admin dashboard delivers actionable insights into the overall travel behaviour of an organization with access to all company rides, spends per group, download reports, allocation of budgets and setting up of rules and restrictions – all this and more on a single platform 

Travel A Ease Corporate Travel Solutions

 Offers business travel management services for employee commute, car rentals, airport transfers, city rides, outstation business rides, events and conferences, alongside other customization corporate travel solutions like coach services, electric vehicles  nodal transfers and more.

The Travel A Ease Fleet

Travel A Ease fleet of vehicles ranges from pocket-friendly hatchbacks, sedans and MUVs to premium sedans, SUVs and electric cars . 

Travel A Ease has over 100 owned and attached cars under its pan-India network that offers an array of services to individuals and corporate across India. In collaboration with Travel A Ease majority stake holder, Travel A Ease is also moving ahead in adopting a complete electric ecosystem.

Our Brand Promise

The term "Travel A Ease" is symbolic to the mountain of the gods derived from Hindu mythology which refers to a mountain at the centre of the universe that withstood the churning of the oceans – thereby symbolizing unshakable reliability and perseverance. At Travel A Ease, we strive to deliver this promise of unshaken reliability and trusted service to all our valued customers in every ride offered – an icon of unshakable reliability and character, a core value built into the very foundation of our organization.

India’s Most Trusted Cab Services

Travel A Ease proactively offers its ride-haring services across the country with well-maintained cars and professionally trained driver- partners. Our dynamic operations team and 24/7 customer helpline services are backed by a strong tech-driven ecosystem is put together to deliver the best ride experience to each and every customer. Travel A Ease has vigorously tries stood by to deliver its promise of reliability and trusted services for over 11 years, and will always continue doing so.


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